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In Italian, "spuntino" means "small snack".

Spuntino was created with the vision of putting a traditional Italian twist on the modern-day charcuterie board using authentic ingredients. Share the tradition and taste one of our boards filled with delicious, quality meats, cheeses, olives, bread, and more! 

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 FEEDS 4 - 6 PEOPLE | $60 

  • 3-4 cheeses

  • 3 meats

  • olives, jam, crackers

  • baguette

This flavor-packed board is perfect for your next date night, drinks with the girls, or starting appetizer for your small gathering! 

 FEEDS 8 - 10 PEOPLE | $100 


  • 4-5 cheeses

  • 3-4 meats

  • olives, jam, crackers

  • baguette

This is great as a starting appetizer before your meal with family and friends. It can also be used as a late-night snack to spruce up your evening. 



 FEEDS 15 PEOPLE | $185 

  • 5 cheeses

  • 5 meats

  • 2 jams

  • olives, crackers

  • baguette

For grande appetites and grand occasions, this is perfect for your next large party and holiday get together! 

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